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How to Watch Videos & Movies on Smartphone

Smartphone is the best friends nowadays. It is serving every user with its unique services and facilities. Android applications are the utmost source of entertainment. Whether you like music or you have l9king for educational applications all are available on the android play store for free of cost or on certain price. The most useful apps are there which are being used for watching videos and movies on your Smartphone. Normally real player is present in the Smartphone already but without software one could not download or play the videos or movies.

Watch Movies on smartphones

Offline video or movie streaming

There are applications where latest songs videos, movie clips and whole movies are available but for that you need to download supportive software. This app is designed to run the different types of format on which videos are developed. Mostly WAR, AMR and JPEG formats are used for making videos. Simply download the software and then whatsoever video you will receive on your Smartphone through WATS app or any other sources will play easily without any manual settings.

Online video and movie streaming

If you are searching for new videos on your own then you have to download YouTube, video watcher apps and full movie downloading bit torrent app on your phone. The memory space for downloading such applications should be vast enough as they have large size in MB. Once software or applications are downloaded, the very next thing you can do is that find the video by using the search space. In YouTube unlimited videos are available for fun, entertainment and education.

List of Movie applications for Smartphone

  • Viewster– this has tons of movies related to different countries, regions. This can be used for watching movies without buffering issues anytime and anywhere. The applications run best if you have 3G r any other fast ISP.

  • Hubi– this is a free application which is helpful online as well as offline. Once video is downloaded you can even watch it later without internet services also. You can also watch movies unlimited by using this application on your Smartphone.

  • Big flix– this is another very popular application for android as well as windows Smartphone users. Well in this application you have to subscribe for the movies. Each movie can be played multiple times within 15 days of time period. The minimum subscription charge for a month is 99 INR.

Since, so many entertainment apps are there on play store, still movies and video streaming applications plays a vital role for Smartphone users. One of them is the Showbox App, download it and try it yourself. So, for whom are you waiting, simply download these apps for free and make your time Enjoyable.

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What is an Untethered Jailbreak?

In order to know, what’s an untethered jailbreak, we should first know, what’s a jailbreak?

Jailbreak or jailbreaking is a process by which iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) users can remove the restrictions or limitations placed by Apple on their devices. Through jailbreak, one can download third party/unauthorized apps and unauthorized modifications/softwares, which Apple does not allow otherwise. It allows the Apple users to download apps from Cydia app store, an app that appears on all jailbroken devices. You can read more about Jailbreaking on this site called iOS Kingdom.

Hence, there are two types of jailbreak-

  1. Tethered
  2. Untethered

Tethered Jailbreak

Under this jailbreaking process, one needs to attach his/her apple device to the computer, every time the device is restarted or rebooted. Whenever you turn your idevice off and back on, you will need a jailbreaking software to get started and hence, would require a connection (tethering) with computer system to restart the device. IPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users need tethered jailbreak! RedSn0w and sn0breeze are some of the popular tethered jailbreak softwares.

Untethered Jailbreak

Untethered jailbreak, as the name suggests, requires no tethering, therefore no computer system is required to restart the device. You can turn your idevice on and off, without having a need to be connected with a computer. Untethered jailbreak is a one-time activity, which makes your device free of any restrictions imposed by Apple! iPhone 3GS models, iPod touch 4G, Apple TV2G and many other apple devices can have untethered jailbreak! Some of the iOS 8.1 Untethered Jailbreak softwares include –Absinthe 2.0.4 Jailbreak 5.1.1, RedSn0w Untethered,Pwnage Tool 5. 1. 1, etc.,.


Risks and advantages

  • Advantages

The advantages of jailbreak include, downloading of various softwares and applications, which cannot be downloaded from the Apple app store. You can download and use unauthorized applications on your idevices, which are not otherwise vetted by the App

  • Risks

By jailbreaking, obviously, one is risking his/her apple device. Once the idevice is jailbroken, Apple is not responsible for any of the restoration of your data or software. The Apple warranty is removed with jailbreaking and the users can download unapproved applications.Many jailbroken device users have complained of the device being lagged or getting frozen, after they jailbreak their idevices.

Therefore, if there are advantages of jailbreaking, then there are also some risks attached to it. With every new Apple device, Apple is making it more difficult for the users to jailbreak because jailbreaking is an illegal and risky process